Monday, May 5

Liebster Award

Hari ni Ikha kena tag dengan adik Jassarah Syafiya . . Macam biaa Ikha malas nak buat soalan lain.. hihiihi..

Jassarah Syafiya Question

  1. Who is your best friends?
  2. Who you love?
  3. Do you are a cat lover ? Why?
  4. What do you do when you are so bored?
  5. Can you make one doodle for me? 
  6. Are you love doodle?
  7. Describe me
  8. Describe yourself
  9. What is the best thing you like at my blog? 
  10. Do you love singing?
  11. What is your favourite storybook?
:D :D Answer yaa :D Answer it using English
My Answer .
  1. My bestfriend who is always beside me nevertheless sad or happy.
  2. Ofcourse my family and my friend
  3. yes.. It is because cats is so cute..
  4. Just watching a reality show such as Running Man
  5. I can't draw a doodle.. Im sorry
  6. i love doodle bt i can't draw
  7. i think you a cute girl and live at Pahang like me.. But you live in Kuantan and i live in Jerantut
  8. Emotional , Sensetive and friendly?
  9. Your header.. It is nice
  10. Of course..
  11. 'Sebenarnya saya isteri dia' write by Zura Asyfar..

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후마이라 리~ Humaira Lee (◕‿◕✿) said...

tagged you here :) http://humairalee.blogspot.com/2014/05/liebster-award.html