Thursday, December 19

The Liebster Award

  • For those who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin, this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!
  • If I have nominated you, all you have to do to receive the award is to follow me on Google Friend Connect ( GFC ) and then answer a few questions! Make sure that when you nominate people you are following them and send them a message letting them know you have done so (suggest at most 11 nominations).

Sorry if i disturd you guy..

So, I have to answer my question from my friend.
1 . 3 words that describe you
2 . 3 words that describe your best friends 
3 . 2 things-to-do before you die
4 . between past and future , what will you choose ? why ?
5 . your ideal type ?
6 . among your siblings , who you really love ? why ?
7 . 3 stupid things you have done
8 . when was the best moment of your life ?
9 . if you have a super power , what super power will you choose ? why ?
10 . 1 thing that you always want to tell your mom .

1. Sensetif , Emotional and Friendly ???
2. Sporting , Like my sister, so kind
3.  first , forgive all people, Second , ........
4. i choose past , why? i don't know.. hahaha
5. my ideal type?? May like CNU
6. I have only brother.. He only my sibling in the world and the best brother in the world
7. drink and eat chocolate in one shoot , untidy my room and sleeping will hear song..
8. I have many best moment..
9. Mind reader.. Because i want to reader my friend mind..  Like korean drama 'I hear Your Voice'
10. Love..

Here my question to you.

  1. What is your favourite thing?
  2. What is your own first gadget?
  3. What you do after you wake up?
  4. What is your favourite colour ? Why?
  5. 3 word describe about you
  6. What is your favourite song? Why ?
  7. What your favourite nickname? 
  8. What is your favourite t-shirt?
  9. What is your favourite place?
  10. What you do if you want to release strees?
good luck guy.. 

Monday, December 16

Freebies : Icon II (B1A4)

Freebies For BANA






Thursday, December 12

Tutorial : Link Rainbow Hover

Ikha nak kasi tutorial Link Rainbow Hover.. Cuba korang halakan cursor ke tajuk entry ni.. Ia Rainbow bukan. Simple jer dia punye cara..

1. Dashboard>Layout>Add Gadget> HTML/JavaScript
2. Copy Code bawah ni

<script src="https://sites.google.com/site/unwanted86/javascript/rainbowlink.js" type="text/javascript">
3. Save and Review blog..

Wednesday, December 11

Tutorial : Buang 'Word Verification'

Korang tahu tak apa itu 'Word Verification'.. Korang mesti tahu.. Benda ni selalu kena buat nak sign up e-mail atau sama waktu dengannya. Kalau korang tak tahu bendanya macam ni. Tengok dekat bawah ni.

Korang pernah tak jumpa benda ni masa korang komen blog orang.. Mungkin masa orang komen blog kita pun ada benda ni. So Ikha nak kasi tutorial pasal ni.. CARA NAK BUANG 'WORD VERIFICATION'.

1 . Dashboard > Setting> Post and Comment

2. Korang Scroll ke bawah sampai jumpa Show word verification
3. Tukar YES ke NO
4. Lepas siap tu tekan Save.
5. Done...

Simple kan tutorial kali ni.. Jom join SEGMEN 'SAYA NAK MENANG BARANGAN BLOG BY IKHA DAN RIFA '

Tuesday, December 10

Pemenang Top Up Giveaway by Afifah

Hari tu Ikha ada jadi sponser top up dekat Top Up Giveaway by Afifah. Tapi saat saat akhir Ikha tukar hadiah top up ke Header.. Time tu Ikha tengah tak ada duit. Alhamdulillah Ikha dapat duit dari tempahan buat bekas pencil yg zip banyak banyak tu.. (mungkin korang tengok kot.) .. Ikha buat sendiri.. Hihihi
Jadi hari ni Ikha nak nak tukarkan hadiah header ke hadiah top up Rm 5
Semak Senarai peserta di >SINI<
So pemenangnya ialah no 20

Details dia macam ini :

Link Entry : 
No tel : 
PM Ikha di>SINI< ye